The Association of Nigerian Women Business Network (ANWBN) is a coalition of 52 different women associations focused on business and career development of its members. The ANWBN serves as the apex (private sector) body committed to mitigating the challenges faced by women pursuing business and career growth.


We have a membership of over four million (4,000,000) women entrepreneurs who have come together with the common goal of encouraging and improving sustainable entrepreneurial development among women through research, advocacy, policy reform initiatives, follow-up on implementations and feedback.


ANWBN Women Entrepreneurs/Professionals are categorised into the following Clusters:


a. Agropreneurs

b. Fashion/Garments/Textiles

c. SMEs/Industrialists/Manufacturers

d. Education/Capacity Building/Advocacy

e. Technology/Energy/Oil & Gas

f. Blue Services - (Shipping and Maritime)

For more information on ANWBN and how your association can join, kindly visit:


Women National Business Agenda

In 2016, ANWBN published the first edition of the Women National Business Agenda (WNBA). This vital tool serves to identify laws and regulations that hinder business activity and also offer concrete recommendations and reforms to remove these barriers and improve the business climate.


Since the initial study, several changes have taken place within the women business community as well as the socio-economic and socio-political environments across Nigeria. In addition, the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the unprecedented global response it necessitated has required further revision of the WNBA.


The updated WNBA aims to reflect the current priority issues affecting women-owned businesses and identify the required policy reforms.  Our review / research was conducted in collaboration with ANWBN member associations in each state of the federation and all relevant stakeholders within the women business communities.